Improvising an Ear Bandage

If bleeding doesn't stop within 5 minutes, you must attempt to stop the flow using the following procedures:
  • With a clean cloth or even paper towel etc, apply direct pressure to the wound. If blood seeps through, apply more bandages or a cotton wool pad on top of the first bandage; do not try to remove the old bandage.
  • If such pressure won't stop the bleeding, find the nearest pressure point and compress the artery against its underlying bone. Use the flat part of your fingers, not your thumb or finger tips.
Ear Bandage Step 1

To bandage the ear, place several sterile gauze pads over the wound.
Ear Bandage Step 2

Hold the dressing in place with one hand. Use the other hand to wrap the tails (ends of the triangle bandage) loosely around the head in opposite directions leaving enough of the ends for a knot..
Ear Bandage Step 3

Tie the ends in a knot over the wound. Ensure the dressing is not too tight and transport immediately to a veterinarian.
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