Artificial Respiration for Dogs
Assess The Situation
  • Open dog's mouth, grasp tongue and pull it well forward clear of back of throat. Wipe away any mucus or blood.
  • Remove any obstruction.
  • Remove any collar.
  • If there is fluid in the throat or is a victim of drowning hold it upside down by its rear legs for 15-30 seconds.
  • If dog is still not breathing, start AR (artificial respiration).
Position, Sweep, and AR
  • Close the dog's mouth, place your mouth over the dog's nose and exhale to force air into the dog's nose.
  • Watch the dog's chest for the lungs to inflate.
  • Remove your mouth, and repeat the cycle about six times a minute. You may need to carry on for 30-60 minutes, until the dog is breathing by itself or is pronounced dead.
Cardiac Massage
  • If you cannot hear or feel the dog's heartbeat, apply cardiac massage.
  • Place the dog on its right side on a firm surface.
  • Put the fingers of one hand on each side of the chest over heart area and compress it firmly but not too hard, then release the pressure.
  • Repeat 70 times a minute.
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